Deacon Patrick

Gus Boots Willsen Protobike

Bikepacking forest roads and singletrack near Salida, CO. Gus is brilliant, handling a load with aplumb.

Day riding the columbine fields in Lovell Gulch. A brilliant all rounder, handling asphalt, dirt of all ilks, and single track to include very technical, such as the Colorado Trail, wondrously.

Exploring the undulating mountain plateaus, and finding far more roads closed due to private property gating than ever before, adding to the adventure of route finding. Grin.

Beorn headbadge design, by my daughter, crafted by Jen Green of

Colorado Trail, where technical bits come in seemingly unending clusters, followed by sweeping flowing single track, followed abruptly by “ain't no riding THAT!” descents and ascents. CBW handles them all well.

Watering up at a trickle of a stream.

Climbing toward Mount Shavano and the Colorado Trail.

Colorado single track.

Climbing a “it doesn't look steep in the photo” road at 10,000 feet, Pikes Peak in the background. Gus climbs and descends beautifully. The upright position is ideal for all types of riding, no power is lost. I tried Bosco bars, but found for the jouncy bits the wavy bars are far superior (and now have Jones bars on there for the extra height.).

Christened Beorn, with headbadge to match.

Colorado Trail single track.

The road goes ever on and on, out from the door where it began.

Bears and raspberries.