mikka - just a medic

Nicosia, Cyprus

My home from 2019 to 2025

This is all that is left from a 1300 sq ft (ca. 121 m²) house. 32 kilos (70 lbs) of things, ready to start a new life in Cyprus.

My home for the next year, the UniHalls in Engomi, a municipality of Nicosia.

My University, the European University Cyprus Medical School.

The Microsoft Innovation Center occupies about half of the first floor of the building. Good news: they'll have the next Surface generation the day it comes out... at student pricing.

The open air auditorium. Cyprus used to be occupied by just about everyone, from Romans and Persians to the British. But the Greek left their indelible mark in language, sentiment, and buildings, among others are those open air places.

It was “only” 32 degrees Celsius (90F), which meant I could go for a run to my uni and back. Takes about 20 minutes on foot.

View from my window over Engomi, Strovolos (another municipality of Nicosia) in the distance.

Sunset from my window (#nofilter, really is that red). The “poles” in the distance are the UN radio towers, behind them begins the (internationally unrecognized) Turkish part of Cyprus.

One of the rooms in my apartment. 3 meters to 2.6 meters (10 x 8.5 ft).

Computer and casting setup for PhD thesis.