Mirror Dinghy 65560

Beach anchored at Eilean Iarmain, Isle of Skye

1sr rig of spars.

Newly painted cockpit footwell. 2x coats of Hempel anti-slip Deck paint.

Before the 1st coat of Woodskin.

You can also see the reinforced floor in the cockpit. One layer of Combination Mat in epoxy.

After the 1st coat of Woodskin

New Bow quarter knees. Made from a scrap piece of, I think Oak, found in the shed..!

New Bow quarter knees. These replace the original plywood panel and its support strut.

New mounts for the Jib Sheets fairlead and cam. Mounted on the side-bench instead of the gunnels.

No Sheets or Kicking Strap fitted. But a good initial rig to see where I'm at..!