Tufted Titmice Model Magic, gouache

Birds & Face Carved avocado pit-halves

Accrowdion Sculpey, acrylic paint

Ludo Puppet Face Mixed mediums

Ludo Puppet Mixed mediums

Hummingbird Puppet Needle-felted wool, skewers, clothespin, wire.

Leggy the Fishbird Needle-felted dyed wool

Shelldon Needle-felted dyed wool, found shell

Witnessing the Warming Model Magic & gouache birds, candle, fire, natural materials

Northern Flicker Model Magic, gouache

Flower and Squid Needle-felted dyed wool

Sock Puppets: Don Gato, Gladys, Blue Matt & Caterpillar Socks, mixed mediums

California Quail Model Magic, gouache

Chanterelle Shroomy Needle-felted dyed wool