Old Work

Rhyolite, Nevada – Ghost Town Shanties. Digital Proof Shot on Canon EOS 20-D , as part of a documentary series shot on Ilford IPX 125 with vintage medium format cameras. 6x6

Geary Street- San Francisco – Looking towards Union Square – Dec 2005. Canon EOS 20D. Part of an archived series exhibiting the life of the electric city at night, in normal contemporary mundanality.

This little guy was in Joshua Tree National Park. We hung out together for about 2 hours, sitting there across from each other- on opposite sides of the road way. As I sat down and watched him peacefully, he or she- would occasionally cock it's head to the side and widen its eyes, then make this fully whimsical gesture, but not having anything to do with being hungry, it wasn't a begging thing- but it was as if they understood me- and for a brief period of time- I was fluent in coyote. Just 2 cars went by the entire time we sat together.

Between The 29 Palms Death Valley Exit and some exotic animal preserve 60 miles ahead, headed back into California from Nevada – Shot Dec 2006 – Canon EOS 20 D

This photo is taken inside of Death Valley National Park, right before you begin to be around 50 miles away from Stove Pipe Wells. There are actually gigantic indian petroglyphs and indian mud statues here, inbetween the sand.... they are 75-250 ft long, on average, from my exploration there. I saw crocodiles, lizards, alligators, birds, snakes, other four legged and two legged things.. It blew my mind. I've never seen it again, either. The nature of sand, I guess...

“Waiting.” – Dec 2005 – -Union Square— San Francisco, CA

This is an overlook right before wild rose canyon road begins to the right, and leads out of the park. It's about 55 miles to the mountain peak in front of us here. Shot in 2006, December on a Canon EOS 20D.